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  • Departamentas Pavadinimas: Suaugusiųjų
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Modelio Tipas: Gyvūnų
  • Medžiaga: Akrilo
  • Pirštinės Ilgis: Riešo
  • Stilius: Mados
  • Lytis: Moteris

How cute are these dog gloves?No matter where you go, you can wear these gloves nors reminding your favorite dog.

The elegant design and high warmth keep your hands protected by dogs forever!


High-quality materials-made of high-quality cotton/polyester, so the product has a longer service life.

We designed it to be stretchable because we know we all have fingers of skirtingi sizes.

Dog design-through our cute dog design, you can show your new gloves to all your friends"!

They are hand-sewn to provide perfect and makeup contours for your feline friends".

Thick-we know it will get extremely cold throughout the winter!

This is why we have to produce a thick coating to ensure that no cold air enters.

These gloves are still very elastiniai and your hands can move freely.

Product package:

1 pair of gloves

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